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General  Legal  Practice
Scott M. Wood has been in private practice since 1984. The firm offers legal services in general law, real estate, small business, estate planning, probate, and bankruptcy as well as most other areas of the law.

At Wood Law Office, we believe hiring an attorney should feel like lifting a burden from your shoulders. We take on your problems, and resolve them as if they were our own. We invite you to contact our office to determine if we can be of assistance to you.

While the cost of effective legal representation can be significant, we work with our clients to arrange fair and affordable payment arrangements on an individual basis.

. All Courts - State of Iowa

· U.S. Bankruptcy Court
  (Southern District of Iowa)

· U.S. District Court
  (Southern District of Iowa)

· U.S. Court of Appeals (8th Circuit)

· U.S. Tax Court (Washington D.C.)

Real Estate
-Purchase agreements 
-Commercial leases 
-Subdivision platting 
-Tax increment financing 
-Townhomes and Condominiums
-Purchase agreements 
-Contract sales 
-Construction agreements 
-Title opinions 
-Mechanics lien issues 
-Title guaranty 
-Escrow agreements 
-Closing services 

-Rental agreements 
-Landlord rights 
-Tenant rights 
-Insurance claims 
-Sub leasing 
-Rules and regulations 
-Repairs and maintenance 
-Lease termination and renewal 
-Eviction actions 

Estate Planning

Make Plans Now, for Your Future, and future of Those You Love: 
-Medical Declarations 
-Powers of Attorney 
-Simple Wills 
-Wills for Blended Families 
-Revocable Trusts 
-Irrevocable Trusts 
-Special Needs Family Members 
-Wills with Trusts for Children and Parents 
-Estate and Inheritance Taxes 
-Gift Taxes 
-Capital Gain Taxes 
-Title to Real Estate 
-Asset Valuation 
-Business Sale or Continuation 
-Medicaid Planning 
-Prepaid Funerals 
-Miller Trusts 
-Probate Avoidance 
-The Probate Process
Small Business
Small Business is Big Business around here. 
It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting up, or are already in full stride 
Spend your time and energy making your business a success, while leaving the legal issues to Wood Law Office. 
Every Business is as Unique as its Owners. You may benefit from the following: 
-LLC Formation 
-Shareholder Agreements 
-Buy / Sell Agreements 
-Employment Contracts 
-Non-Compete Agreements 
-Asset Protection Strategies 
-Business Name Protection 
-Sale or Acquisition of a Business 
-Ensure your small business is following any
  and all legal codes and regulations with help
  from Wood Law Office. 
Business disputes are best avoided, but if you find yourself involved in one, you still need to carry on with the day to day operation of your business. 
Wood Law Office can help guide you to a resolution, while protecting your rights and your good name. Litigation is a part of our business, so it need not be yours.

Wood Law Office

Why Choose Us? 







Confidential legal services:
We hold the privacy and confidentiality of our clients sacred and would never disclose information that would violate this trust. This includes any client information received and legal services provided. 


“Bankruptcy impacts your credit. But so do delinquent bills and unpaid creditors.” 
Prevent excessive financial difficulties for you and your loved ones by reaching out to Wood Law Office. 
Job Loss, Medical Bills, Credit Cards, Gambling, Divorce - Overwhelming debts have many causes. Sometimes you can pay them all, sometimes only part, and sometimes you just can’t. 
You’ve seen the ads, now talk with someone who can answer your questions. 
-Prevent Foreclosure 
-Stop Collection Calls 
-Eliminate Debt 
-Answer Your Phone 
-Open Your Mail 
-Pay Your Bills 
-Rebuild Your Credit 
-Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may be the repayment plan
   that gets you out from under. 
 -Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may be the fresh start you
    so desperately need. 
Like a leaky roof, debt problems tend to get worse if you ignore them. You can lose your home and your car or truck. Judgments against you can result in garnishment of your bank account and your paycheck. 
Wood Law Office can put a stop to your debt collection problems. Call for an appointment today.


Probate laws govern the distribution of property and the winding up of the final affairs of a deceased person. The probate Court or Judge grants authority to a personal representative, often called an executor or administrator, to take actions affecting property and debts. The personal representative is accountable to the Court and to those entitled to receive property or to repayment of debts. A Last Will &Testament gives direction and authority concerning property distribution and other matters, and state law provides direction and authority in the absence of a Will. 
The winding up a person’s final affairs in probate can be a complex process. In some cases probate can be avoided through careful planning, but in other cases the probate process is needed and can be helpful. Regulations relating to government programs and agencies used during our lifetimes, and tax regulations, among others, may need to be identified and followed during the probate process. A competent and ethical probate attorney can be extremely helpful in guiding you through the probate process. At Wood Law Office, we can help.
Legal issues can arise regardless of the current social distancing environment.
Technology allows us to continue providing effective and affordable legal services.
Telephone; Email; Videoconference; or in person (by appointment) - Reach Out Today.
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511 SW 3rd Street
Ankeny, IA 50023